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Ellora’s Cave & E-book Sales: A Cautionary (First Amendment) Tale

In a Publisher’s Weekly article, Ellora’s Cave admitted to some shocking news: Ellora’s Cave CEO Patty Marks confirmed the house is downsizing in the wake of what she described as “drastic’ and unexplained declines in its e-book sales via Amazon. … Continue reading

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Modern Sex: To Sext or Not To Sext

Miss Primm, being a baby-boomer, and just a year out of a two decades long marriage is sometimes a little thrown by modern sex practices. One usually believes that in this regard there is nothing new under the sun. But … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mike Well’s Lust, Money and Murder

Mike Wells generously gives the first installment of his series, Lust, Money and Murder as a perk for signing up to his Twitter feed. He calls it a book, but in length and breath it is not a book, it … Continue reading

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Do We Give Men Short Emotional Shrift In Our Stories?

Familiar? Genre: Romance Novels Plucky (or unplucky) heroine is in new situation. Her past love life has been disappointing, or hurtful or just plain dismal. She may have faults, or is just unlucky. Enter Mega Hunk Hero. He is the … Continue reading

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Your September Sexscope

The Ram prefers his or her sex fast, hot and uncomplicated, preferably without strings. But even with strings, you demand a certain amount of freedom. That’s not likely this month, when someone binds you with pleasures so sweet and forbidden … Continue reading

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