Happy Geek Pride Day!

It’s time to get your geek on for today is Geek Pride Day where we celebrate all manner of geekness. From our favorit Sci-Fi flicks, games and books, to being the smartest geek in the room—this day if for you!

Wikipedia tells us:

In 2006, the Spanish blogger Germán Martínez known online as señor Buebo organized the first celebration. The day was celebrated for the first time in Spain and on the Internet, drawing attention from mainstream media.he biggest concentration took place in Madrid, where 300 geeks demonstrated their pride together with a human Pac-Man. A manifesto was created to celebrate the first Geek Pride Day, which included a list of the basic rights and responsibilities of geeks.

In 2008, Geek Pride Day was officially celebrated in the U.S., where it was heralded by numerous bloggers, coalescing around the launch of the Geek Pride Day website. Math author, Euler Book Prize winner, and geek blogger John Derbyshire announced that he would be appearing in the Fifth Avenue parade on the prime number float, dressed as number 57.

On Literotica, Geek Pride Day is celebrated with a special collection of stories centering on geekness.

My own entry is the prequel to my book Ostakis called Segun. Segun is an intersex individual, though for reason of culture, politics and religion those of his kind are called “male.” Called Cursed by the their planet’s dominant religious body, the Faith Progressive Church, they are born without legal rights and are subject to the authority to the male head of their household. Women are treated little better, as we see in Segun, but this is not the womens’ story. That will be the unwritten tale Abena. If I’m on pace with that story, that one will show up in four years.

Reviled by the Church, Cursed, like Segun, are subject to public ritual Shamings “for the good of their soul.” We find Segun, even though he’s the son of the most powerful man on the planet, subject to his first Shaming. There his life takes a dramatic turn.

I’ve taken some of the most reviled tropes in romance literature, insta-love, fated mate, and mpreg, and threw it into a blender with politics and religion, and hopefully turned it into a worthy read.

It’s a book worthy of banning in Florida, at least. 🙂

Here is the link the Segun on Literotica: Segun

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