Segun at Lake Veller

Segun—his darkest moment at Lake Veller

Called Cursed, born of sin and inherently sinful, Segun Klath, though from the richest family on his planet Ostakis, lives without legal rights or property. Through him flows the inheritance of the powerful Trademaster position, the person who controls the trade on Ostakis. Whoever partners with Segun will become the next Tradesmaster of Ostakis. But who wants a Cursed man for a partner?

The powerful Faith Progressive Church, or rather its head churchmen, the Sharrs, seek to destroy the power of the Klaths and their “unholy” line of Cursed children.

As civil politics and Church law clash over Segun’s fate, Segun meets the one man who will ultimately trajectory of Segun’s life and, ultimately, Ostakis. The question is, can they survive ?


Segun is my second Ostakian tale, but historically takes place before the book Ostakis. I have three thousand words left to write among the half-dozen projects I’m working on for myself and ghostwriting clients. So with a planned release of May 25th, I better get cracking. 

I like this cover art, perhaps too well. And when I start liking my own art, that may not be a good thing. It does convey a key scene in the novella, but others may not find it as powerful. So, what do you think? Does it carry the story well? Or should I start from scratch? Drop a comment or a message. 🙂

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