AriesThe Ram prefers his or her sex fast, hot and uncomplicated, preferably without strings. But even with strings, you demand a certain amount of freedom. That’s not likely this month, when someone binds you with pleasures so sweet and forbidden you beg for more.

TaurusThe planets grace you with the sexual lottery this month, giving you all that you desire and more between the sheets. The catch is that you must let someone else take the lead, and you must fill his or her desires first before you get yours. Are you up for the challenge?

GeminiThose born under the sign of the twins is well known for their propensity for casual friendships and even more casual affairs. This month, however, draws you into shit so hot and deep, you won’t know where ‘up’ is. When you catch a breath, call for help. You’ll need it.

Cancer Zodiac SignSomeone decides that you are theirs to do with as he or she pleases. Cancer loves to loved, but in this case, you tend to give too much to satisfy your desires. Do you need to feel pain with your pleasure, Cancer? Only you can decide.

Leo Zodiac SignThe sun is your ruling planet, which is why so many people find you hot. But what turns you on regal lion? This month someone older and far more experienced drives you literally against the wall, plunging you into something that is darker and more exciting than you are used to.

Virgo Zodiac SignWith the planet of love and sex gracing your sign this month, you attract many admirers. But can you turn one or two into lovers? You hate quick affairs and are a little gun shy there. Look to someone you’ve known a long time to help you twist the sheets.

Libra Zodiac SignIt might not be everlasting love, but this month brings you someone so sexy, that you can’t resist the forbidden. Real him or her in by showing you can be the life of the party. Committed Libras can amp things up in the bedroom by trying things that push your comfort zone.

Scorpio ButtonBorn under the sign of the Scorpion, it’s the darker realms of love and sex that draws you. But this month someone bright and shining captures your attention. You waver between hot lust and the risk of getting burned.

Sagittarius Zodiac SignIt doesn’t take much to get you to tumble into bed, Archer. This month with the planet of abundance, Jupiter spurring you on, you have the potential to jump into something hot and quick. If in a relationship make that the hot tub.

Capricorn Zodiac SignDespite your expensive suit and well groomed appearance there is no one kinkier on earth than Capricorn. This month what smolders beneath is a burning desire for someone exotic and a bit out of your reach. Making your fantasies reality is the catch.

Aquarius Zodiac SignThe Waterbearer doesn’t often go through dry spells, but this last one has left you amped up to reach out and touch someone other than yourself. This month, that dry spell could break if you break down and let someone else take the lead.

Pisces Zodiac SignYou tend to wrap up your love affairs into something that is terribly fated and inevitable even if they last only a week. This month, however, your need for high drama and destiny will be deliciously fulfilled, giving you the sexual thrills you long for.

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