Romance Bloggers Adds Pinterest Board

Pinterest SignTwo days ago, I achieved something that I thought was impossible to do, get a good auto upload of Romance Bloggers Aggregator to Pinterest. A plug-in I previously bought crashed the site, but the developer went and fixed so things to make it work properly. So, I cross my nimble little fingers.
For those that don’t know Romance Blogger is a collection of different blogs of romance writers. If gives readers a place to go to look at the content of the blogs of different writers instead of hopping from blog to blog. The owners of the blogs give permission to me to add their blogs to the aggregator. 

The Pinterest board is a value-added feature, along with the Facebook and Twitter pages that auto post from the blog aggregator. The more platforms the aggregator reaches, the better. 
I have an aggregator for another niche which draws in a lot of traffic each day. Eventually, Romance Blogger will too.
The aggregator is useful for those bloggers that post fairly often, one to three days a week but who can’t keep up a daily schedule of blogging and risk disappointing readers looking for fresh content. It is not useful for bloggers who post occasionally because their content will drown in the feed of more prolific bloggers. 
You can find click on these links to go to Romance Bloggers and the Pinterest Board
Any Romance blogger can get a free listing on Romance Bloggers. I do ask that they post two links on their blog, one to Romance Bloggers and the other to this blog
Nest project! Instagram!
Image used under Creative Commons License issued by Mike Mozart.

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