Romance Bloggers is an aggregator of Romance Blogs available for free to any romance author with a blog with an RSS Feed.

You: Who is this woman and what is she talking about?

Me: I am Angelica, a romance ghostwriter. I write the words for other people (or their pen names.) But I also work on my own books and have a couple I’m preparing for release.

You: But what is this aggregator thing?

Me: With the permission of blog authors I syndicate a snippet of their blog posts and when possible display a thumbnail of the blog art for the post. The aggregator picks up your post within an hour that you publish it. You can take a look at it here: Romance Bloggers

You: But why would I want my blog listed on an aggregator?

Me: You may not. And it is an evolving thing that is slowly gaining traffic. But the more of us that is on board, the stronger it will become. Think of it as free promotion for your blog posts.

You: Free? Nothing is totally free.

Me: The only thing I ask for it two links. One from your blog to and Romance But, no. I ask for no cash.

You: What? Are you rich or something? Running a website takes money.

Me: I have a great deal with my hosting provider where I can have an unlimited number of blogs for the same monthly price. Romance Bloggers is just one of many websites I run.

You: So this is one blog.

Me: Yes. But I also have a twitter page and a Facebook page which posts the same aggregated posts expanding Romance Bloggers reach.

You: So what do I do to get a listing?

Me: Write me at or fill out the form below and give me your blog address. I’ll let you know when your feed goes live.

That’s it. If you have any other questions, please let me know!


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