#FreeEroticFiction: Ganymede Station, Part One

Earth from space sation
Earth from space station
I never do this, but Miss Primm also hates keeping her own rules so:

Go check out this story on Literotica: Ganymede Station, Part One

It’s the story of a down and out gay alien living on Ganymede Station, a deep space waystation for intergalactic trade. Cheynex, who calls himself Cheyne, has had a difficult life, abandoned first by his mother and then his father. To pay the rent he’s a rent boy, picking up space pilots who don’t mind paying for playing. Cheyne dreams of getting his own pilot’s license, partly to free himself from his dreary life on Ganymede. But that isn’t in the cards for Cheyne who can barely make the rent, let alone pay for something as expensive as flight school. Things change from bad from worse when the local pimp, an alien of Cheyne’s own race, demand he pay her a percentage of his earnings. And so the story begins.

Part One is eleven Literotica pages which works out to around, give or take 38,500 words, so he’s delivering a full novella in one shot, which is a Literotica rarity. The world building is great and the main characters are fully fleshed out.

But what I also like about Ganymede Station, Part One is that it is a very good example of the diversity in science fiction that is a current drum call all along the corridors of the sci-fi publishing world. While man on alien man love stories aren’t new, this one provides a realistic glimpse of one such story stripped of the usual tropes that makes some of it so hard to stomach. It is a refreshing change of pace.

Of course the problem with Ganymede Station, Part One, is that it is an erotic love story, so traditional publishers would shy away from it, which is too bad.

But you can read it, and for free, so I suggest you do quickly before this guy realizes he’s too good to give it away.

Photo published under a Creative Commons license by Flickr User NASA

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  1. Thank you very much for the read and article! I’m very glad you enjoyed part one. I hope you also went back and read part 2 at some point! Take care!

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