Reviewer names #Ostakis best #sci-fi of 2019

Divine Magazine’s Elaine White named Ostakis her choice for Best Sci-Fi of 2019. I’m so tickled about this that finding out instantly made me feel better from the flu a housemate dragged into the domicile.

Elaine wrote a beautiful review of Ostakis and I’ll share part of it here:

Reviewed for Divine Magazine

Ostakis, by Angelica Primm
208 Pages
POV: 1st person, dual POV
Themes: Sci-Fi, MPREG, religious fanaticism, political intrigue, Bisexual MC, Intersex MC

This was an interesting read for me. It’s my first book by Angelica Primm and it won’t be my last. I thoroughly enjoyed Ostakis and hope that the inclusion of Human Planets Collective on the cover is the promise of more books to come, even if they focus on new planets and different characters. I’d certainly be willing to read more within this world.

Ostakis is the story of one man entering a new world and turning it upside down; viewing the laws and struggles of their people with fresh eyes, offering the promise of revolution and change. It’s the story of love overcoming class, social status and political boundaries, and the story of a friendship so strong that it can weather all storms.

This is, firstly, a novel about political intrigue, with a dash of romance, and a struggle against a rising religious power that threatens to overshadow all decent humanity if not contained quickly. Through the dual POV of both main characters – Arlan, the Cursed; and Kaj, the human representative – we see this new world with fresh and familiar eyes at once. I loved that we got to see some events through both sets of eyes, first through Arlan’s and then through Kaj’s so that we understood the delicate political and often dangerous nuances of language and political understanding. What slips carelessly from Kaj’s lips causes shock and surprise for the Ostakians; while what the Ostakians accept so readily is sometimes abhorrent and inconceivable to Kaj. This was really well handled and introduced the idea that Kaj’s mission was much more complex than first thought, while offering something for us readers to rally towards. I was fully committed to the Cursed and their plight, to helping them rise from oppression, long before it even became a plot point in the book.

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Thanks, Elaine!

"A" for Angelica

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