Excerpt: Eastmont Clan: Jake

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Eastmont Clan 6
Jake walked into the high school guidance office and saw his youngest brother sitting in the right bank chair. His right eye sported a bright black and blue mark. In another set of chairs across from Luke sat a brown skinned boy with dark hair and eyes glaring at him.
Yee naaldlooshii,” the boy hissed.

“Stop that!” said Luke.
“What’s the problem here?” said Jake.
“He won’t shut up. He just keeps calling me the yee naald thing.”
Jake suppressed a sigh. “And what’s with the black eye?”
“He-“ started Luke
Jake held up his hand. “That’s enough right there.”
He walked up to the counter that stretched from wall to wall and rang the bell sitting there.
Yee naaldlooshii,” John hissed as Jake walked past.
Jake turned and stared at the kid.
“What does that mean? “ he said coldly.
The kid shrank back from Jake.
“Skin walker,” said John fear in his eyes. “It’s Navajo for skin walker.”
“And why would you call us that?”
“You know why,” said John.

Book One-Eastmont Clan-Jake~Coming September 2015

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Goldion Moon
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Sky Pond, with "Shark's Tooth" formation

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