#SF M/M Romance: Ostakis (#Reviews Included)

OstakisAfter ghosting for five years, Miss Primm now has her own book published by Nine Star Press.

Book Info
Author: Angelica Primm
Release Date: February 18, 2019
Format: ePub, Mobi
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Category: Romance
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Word Count: 52600
Book Length: Novel
Sex Content: 🔥🔥🔥🔥Explicit
Pairing: M/NB
Orientation: Gay, Bisexual
Identity: Cisgender, Genderqueer/NonBinary

Ebook Price: $4.99

The Human Planets Collective sent young Ambassador Kaj Deder to the former colony planet Ostakis to establish relations. But in the twenty-five hundred years since Earth lost contact with Ostakis, the people of that colony have dramatically changed. Kaj is tasked with finding the reason for these changes while he forges trade links between the HPC and Ostakis. Without trade with the HPC, the dwindling resources of Ostakis will ultimately end human life on the planet. But his mission faces a huge obstacle in the form of Most Reverend Thyenn Sharr, the head of the Faith Progressive Church, who sees the arrival of Kaj as the beginning of the end of the Church. Kaj’s powerful attraction to Trademaster Klath’s son, Arlan does not smooth relations.

Arlan Klath, the son of the Trademaster of Ostakis, bears the secret that the pious people of his planet want to hide from the homeworld and the HPC. The Curse of the Unspoken, wrought through the unspeakable acts of the First Colonists, afflicts all Ostakians, but some more strongly than others. Arlan is totally Cursed, considered born sinful and he lives without legal rights or property. Thyeenn Sharr is enraged that Arlan’s father defiantly refuses to submit Arlan to a cruel act to “redeem” Arlan’s soul. The stakes increase when Arlan and Kaj form a relationship that Thyenn Sharr considers ample justification to usurp the Trademaster position through the power of his Church.

You can get Ostakis at:


Ninestar Press




Barnes and Noble

Available in Print from most major retailers.

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The Business of #Writing: Fighting Content Thieves

Content thieves are the bane of every writer’s existence. One insidious form is the type of sites that purport to give readers free downloads but charge a subscription fee for their service. It’s terrible because they take one copy of a book and give it away while the poor writer and their publisher, even if it’s Amazon, don’t cop a sou.

I’m not talking here about the scum that steals a book, repackage it, and sell it on Amazon. That’s a different problem with a different solution.

Draw your chairs near, and I will give you a couple tools that will help even the playing field. You may not recoup your loses but you have a better chance than ever to shut off unauthorized access to your books. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Kayelle Allen & Bringer of Chaos-Forged in Fire

Thank you for letting me share my new book with your readers. Like many, I’m a fan of the Hobbit movies. More specifically, of Lee Pace, who played Elven King Thranduil. The character so resembled my hero, Pietas, that I delighted in watching Pace portray him. There was one scene where Thranduil puts the dwarf king, Thorin (actor Richard Armitage), in prison. He tells him he can stay there and rot because a hundred years is a mere blink in the life of an elf. I loved that scene and watched it repeatedly. When I wrote the scene below, I saw a chance to pay homage to the scene (and the actors).


When the immortal Pietas is marooned on a barren world with no food and few survival tools, he knows it could be worse. He could be alone. But that’s the problem. He’s not.Half a million of his people sleep in cryostasis, trapped in their pods and it’s up to Pietas to rescue them. Before he can save his people, he must take back command from a ruthless enemy he’s fought for centuries. His brutal, merciless father. Immortals may heal, but a wound of the heart lasts forever…

Amazon and in print. Free on Kindle Unlimited

Angst, a little humor, some sweet romance, and a ton of betrayal with plenty of vengeance. Oh, and let’s not forget–one ginormous black panther “kitty.”


In this excerpt, Pietas and the search party sent to find him have become lost and have walked for hours. When he realizes they’re near a summit that will allow him to see the valley they searched for, he heads for it. Joss, the telepath, and warrior he loves tries to keep him from going, insisting she has a better vantage point. Pietas suspects a trick.


“Joss. The truth this time.”

While she studied him, Pietas remained motionless. The gentle prod of her mind across his shields reminded him she’d seen his thoughts despite his best efforts. Or perhaps she’d allowed him to be aware. In the past, he’d noticed such intrusion during training but not outside it.

“Pietas, if you want to see the caldera from this point, I can’t stop you, but once you see what’s out there, you can’t un-see it. I want to spare you the devastation until you’ve had a chance to see the good side. If I take you in through the pass, you can appreciate the true beauty of this place first. Maybe come up with a way we can make it work here. Survive.”

Devastation. Continue reading

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#AmReading: When Less is More in #Writing

Reading a new author is like dating. You sit together in some place comfy, like a restaurant, or your bed (ah-hem) and you get to know that author. And when you are a writer, like I am, you read a book in the manner of an older person who dates (ditto here too.) You know what you like and you even know a thing or two about this romance business. You also know how it is done, properly.

So I am reading this book, and I so want to like it (and please don’t think it is your book, because I read A LOT of books in between writing bouts, so the odds is it isn’t yours. Honest. But if the shoe fits, you’re going home with the prince regardless of whether that glass slipper was yours.) Continue reading

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#MMRomance #Bookreview: Breathe by Piper Scott

Breathe by Piper Scott Title: Breathe
Author: Piper Scott
Genre: MM Omegaverse, BDSM
Print Length: 230 pages
Publisher: Lovelight Press
Publication Date: December 7, 2017
Miss Primm’s Rating: 5
Heat Level: 5 of 5 flames
Hanky Rating: 0 out of 5 handkerchiefs
Content rating: (M) Explicit content. For mature readers only. Light BDSM.

Atop an empire of his own design lives an alpha waiting to die.

CEO Marshall Alcrest has the financial world at his feet, but it’s been years since he’s made an omega kneel… and he’s come to terms that it’s too late to ever see it happen again. A grim prognosis will cut his days short if he doesn’t take action soon, and Marshall is ready to say goodbye to his hollow, lonely life… at least, until he crosses digital paths with an omega who makes him feel alive again.

Trapped in a world that doesn’t see his value exists an omega dying to live. Continue reading

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Romance Bloggers Adds Pinterest Board

Pinterest SignTwo days ago, I achieved something that I thought was impossible to do, get a good auto upload of Romance Bloggers Aggregator to Pinterest. A plug-in I previously bought crashed the site, but the developer went and fixed so things to make it work properly. So, I cross my nimble little fingers.
For those that don’t know Romance Blogger is a collection of different blogs of romance writers. If gives readers a place to go to look at the content of the blogs of different writers instead of hopping from blog to blog. The owners of the blogs give permission to me to add their blogs to the aggregator. 

The Pinterest board is a value-added feature, along with the Facebook and Twitter pages that auto post from the blog aggregator. The more platforms the aggregator reaches, the better. 
I have an aggregator for another niche which draws in a lot of traffic each day. Eventually, Romance Blogger will too.
The aggregator is useful for those bloggers that post fairly often, one to three days a week but who can’t keep up a daily schedule of blogging and risk disappointing readers looking for fresh content. It is not useful for bloggers who post occasionally because their content will drown in the feed of more prolific bloggers. 
You can find click on these links to go to Romance Bloggers and the Pinterest Board. 
Any Romance blogger can get a free listing on Romance Bloggers. I do ask that they post two links on their blog, one to Romance Bloggers and the other to this blog http://missprimm.com.
Nest project! Instagram!
Image used under Creative Commons License issued by Mike Mozart.
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#BookReview: Remember When

Title: Remember When
Author: Harper Logan
Genre: MM Contemporary, MM New Adult
Print Length:
Publication Date: January 9, 2018
Miss Primm’s Rating: 4.5 stars (rounded up to five on Amazon)
Heat Level: 3 of 5 flames
Explicit content: For mature readers only.

When Cuke awakes in the hospital, a piece of him is gone. Three years have disappeared from his mind, and he doesn’t even recognize his life – or the people in it. And then there’s this super hot guy who appears to be his boyfriend…

Bouj will never be able to erase the memory of Cuke’s skull cracking against the pavement during a typical game of basketball. He’d do anything to help his roommate piece his life back together, but he runs into an awkward situation when Cuke seems to think Bouj is his boyfriend. He knows he should correct his friend’s mistake… and yet, something stops him. Continue reading

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#Romance Bloggers is Live

Romance Bloggers is an aggregator of Romance Blogs available for free to any romance author with a blog with an RSS Feed.

You: Who is this woman and what is she talking about?

Me: I am Angelica, a romance ghostwriter. I write the words for other people (or their pen names.) But I also work on my own books and have a couple I’m preparing for release.

You: But what is this aggregator thing? Continue reading

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#BookReview: Heard: An Omegaverse Story (Breaking Free Book 3)

Heard: An Omegaverse Story (Breaking Free Book 3)
Author: A. M. Arthur
Genre: MM Alternate Universe Romance (Omegaverse)
Print Length: 301 pages
Publisher: Briggs-King Books; 1 edition (November 12, 2017)
Publication Date: November 12, 2017
Miss Primm’s Rating: 4.5 stars (rounded up to five on Amazon)
Heat Level: 3 of 5 flames
Explicit content: For mature readers only.Triggers: descriptions of non-con, sex slavery


An omega who can’t speak meets an alpha who won’t listen….

Karter Jenks is a first-year constable who’s still trying to prove himself to his superiors, so he isn’t looking for a mate right now. Soon, sure, but he also knows he has work to do to change his alphahole tendencies around omega rights. The Kell Iverson trial opened his eyes to how cruelly some omegas are treated, and Karter doesn’t want to follow in his authoritarian father’s footsteps when he finds his mate. And he absolutely does not expect a homeless omega vagrant and burglary suspect to be his bondmate.

Jax Orris escaped a life of captivity and pain to save himself and his infant son. Living as vagrants isn’t ideal, but it’s better than trusting the authorities who landed Jax in hell to begin with. When their hiding place is discovered, Jax is shocked to feel the mating bond with the young alpha who’s been tracking him—and even more shocked when the constable doesn’t immediately arrest him for his crimes. It helps him trust Karter enough to accept his help in keeping himself and his son safe from the men Jax escaped.

Continue reading

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#Romance #Ghostwriting: Why your job ad gets slim pickings for #writers

Miss Primm gets it.

You publish for niches. Sales for niche books are iffy and depends on how well the launch goes as to how many copies it will sell. Some of you are pushing books for 99 cents on Amazon, and at 35 cents per book royalty, it takes a lot of book sales to make your return on investment. You expect, however, that if you price it right you will.

Then there are the others who price the book at $2.99 making a better ROI on fewer sales.

But both of you run into the same problem.

You are both churning through the same readers, not really building an increase of repeat readers because the simple fact is that there is a finite number of readers of a specific niche. Continue reading

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